Accomplish more with TryOn

Bring the convenience and speed of the online shopping experience into the store.
Allows shoppers to TryOn tons of outfits just by swiping with their hands.
Attract more customers, increase sales and and elevate customer experience through this magical mirror.

Customer Attraction

Skyrocket Sales

Competitor Edge

Less Rush in Trying Rooms

Real Time Virtual Fitting

Combining with 3D body scanning technology using RGB-D sensors, TryOn presents realistic 3D product models which are scaled to virtually fit onto your body and sync with your body movement within the live video feed – allowing you to see the virtual fitting from different angles, even the folds of the fabrics as they twist and turn.

Realistic 3D Models

Several techniques such as 3D modeling, texturing and rigging have been applied to generate the 3D photo-realistic models to simulate a real-life shopping experience as if you are actually wearing the clothes. Our team can help you to customize the garments or accessories based on the required design.

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